Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some buying advice from Time magazine

Happy New Year, let's kick off 2012 with some buying advice from Time magazine. The headline that caught my attention recently was, "Ten things you should stop paying for". To my surprise, number one on the list? Homeopathic flu remedies. Their rationale? They quote the CDC:
"There is no scientific evidence that any herbal, homeopathic or other folk remedies have any benefit against influenza.”
Interestingly enough, they stopped short of pointing out that homeopathy has no scientific evidence of benefit for any condition. It amused me that while the authors did not point out that homeopathy is nothing but water,  they did caution consumers that bottled water is just tap water occasionally treated with some additional filtering or chemicals. The last shocker, in case you were wondrerng, is that lottery tickets are not a good retirement strategy.

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