Friday, November 4, 2011

NVIC runs anti-vaccine ad on Delta in-flight

So, I just got back from my Cardiovascular Medicine Board Certification exam to find an email letting me know about a new initiative by the National Vaccine Information Center. The NVIC is known for spreading fear about a variety of vaccines and now they have an ad running in-flight on Delta Airlines. The ad does have some good advice about cold season (ie: wash your hands) and some elements of truth (ie: most colds are not caused by influenza) and some reasonable advice (ie: be informed about your medical decisions). Unfortunately, however, their idea about being informed is spreading fear about "toxins" in the vaccines as well as drawing a correlation between vaccine use and diabetes, autism, asthma, and learning disabilities.

Skepchick has some easy ways of expressing your disappointment if you would like and the ad is here if you are intrigued to see the content.

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