Sunday, May 8, 2011

The 800 pound gorilla: tort reform and defensive medicine

In the March issue of the American Journal of Medicine, Editor Dr. Joe Alpert discusses the importance of tort reform as it related to health care costs and defensive medicine. He provides a well-reasoned argument about the issue which is often overlooked or underestimated in discussions of both health care costs and tort reform.

Comments on the editorial are at the AJM blog, to which I added the following thoughts:

"I just got around to reading your editorial and wanted to echo the many supportive comments. What I found most refreshing and notable about the editorial is its publication in a journal widely read by academic physicians. I am completing my training as a Cardiology fellow and have long been involved in a variety of organized medicine and legislative efforts at tort reform. One of my major frustrations has been the denial rampant among my colleagues and attendings who do not see tort reform as a notable problem. I hope your words continue to bring awareness to this issue."

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