Wednesday, January 19, 2011

8 year olds, building their resume with science!

A group of hard working children aged 8-10 years (with some help from their teachers) conducted a science experiment. Big deal, right? I mean most of us remember elementary school science fairs with "experiements like and adding vinegar to baking soda and food coloring to make a "volcano". These children are different because they came up with a hypothesis, designed a test to answer their question of interest and generated scientific results which are published in a peer-reviewed journal, Biology Letters, a publication of the Royal Society in Britain.

The manuscript is not published in a fully traditional format (ie: there are no references and the jargon is minimal), but give me a break, they're only 10 years old! The children drew the following conclusion:

Principal finding ‘We discovered that bumble-bees can use a combination of colour and spatial relationships in deciding which colour of flower to forage from. We also discovered that science is cool and fun because you get to do stuff that no one has ever done before. (Children from Blackawton)’.
 Yes, science is cool and fun. Congratulations to you all and please, please, keep doing science!

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